Static Hosting Updates 1

Tuesday, November 28th 2017, 4:02:58 pm

So during this past Thanksgiving holiday, about the only time of year I sit down and work on personal projects these days, I went to go write a blog post and noticed that this site was down and probably had been for a while. Seems like when I switched over to using Zeit Now over GH Pages for easier DNS management, etc, my last deployment failed. However, I didn’t immediately notice and so I guess the site had been down since at least 2 months ago.

I spent this morning getting it back up and running and moved it off Zeit and back to GH Pages. Sadly, I lost some of the HTTPS features that Zeit had to automatically manage the domains etc. The only advantage I had by using Zeit was easier HTTPS setup, but I quickly realized that CloudFlare’s free tier is pretty much just as a robust and even adds a lot more controls. Thanks to cvan on Github, I found this really nice Gist that explains the process.

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