Moving To Gatsby

Saturday, February 2nd 2019, 10:36:30 pm

It’s been fun blogging with my own homebrew static blogging engine for the past year or two. Was a very lightweight way to play around with static blogging and get away from content management systems. However, with full-time work and part-time grad school, I’ve had very little time to fiddle with my framework. This has left my blog looking pretty neglected over the past year or so.

Thus, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need something a bit more low-maintenance, with its own ecosystem, but easy to tinker with. Naturally, that leaves me with one alternative to my homebrew system.


I’ve watched this project grow for the past few years, albeit from the sidelines, and it’s pretty exciting to see its big, plugin ecosystem today after humble origins. Furthermore, the GraphQL integration is incredible and makes the organization of data clean and logical.

In just about a day, I was able to migrate all my old posts and reconfigure the starter blog into the blog you are now reading. The most exciting new change is the addition of tags which will help making navigation much better. I’m only scratching the surface of this framework and hopefully a lot more changes (and posts) are coming in 2019.

You can see the source code and markdown of this here blog on its new repo. However, my old website code based on my little homebrew framework, I’ll keep around on github for posterity.

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