Project | Final CityLens Prototype | Week 14

Wednesday, May 8th 2019, 9:00:23 pm

The name I have finally settled on for my project is CityLens. The final result is a combination of a few pieces.

  1. A brief demo video.
  2. The hosted functional prototype application for the MTA use-case.
  3. An open-source repository of markers and code.


This demo video summarizes the CityLens use case as a platform for MTA announcements accessible to mobile phone screens:

Hosted Application

I purchased the domain for the purposes of hosting this project and having a simple URL. The demo project is hosted here:

To test this out:

  1. Open a marker pattern in a browser window.
  2. Open the Test App in another window.
  3. Allow Camera access and point the camera at the tab with the marker.

Code Repository

Finally, all the code for my project is available on GitHub here:

It’s a create-react-app project and the key files are as follows:

├── App.tsx  # React app shell
├── index.css
└── index.tsx  # app bootstrap

├── images   # svgs for app
│   ├── camera-icon.svg
│   └── x-icon.svg
├── index.html  # outer template
└── models  # 3D models
    ├── MTA_Platform_Spread.glb
    └── MTA_Platform_Stand.glb

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