Synth Jam 3 | Ion Daydream

Sunday, June 7th 2020, 1:47:12 pm

I added a new synth jam video called ion daydream.

This is my second attempt at a DAW-less setup. (Here’s my first attempt from last week.) Once again, I recorded this using the USB line out from the mixer into a QuickTime audio file.

This time, I experimented with some new chord extensions to get a slightly more colorful sound from the chords. I also used a warm, brassy pad preset on the D05 to create a nice spacy haromony that I stacked some slightly rougher sounds from the JU06a and the Microbrute on top of.

You can check out all of the synth jam videos using the synth tag page.

Here’s the full list of gear I used, in case you wanna try this yourself.

arturia microbrute

arturia keystep

roland ju06a

roland jp08

roland d05

elektron digitakt

tc electronics hall of fame

behringer xenyx q802usb

demedash t120 deluxe

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