1. Ideation & Prototyping - A class I participated in in Spring of 2019 at NYU Tandon while earning my Masters in Computer Science. This challenged me make a prototype of a 2D game and log my process.
  2. CastleBlood - A 2D ActionRPG game project started in Unity Engine, continued in Godot engine.
  3. CityLens - An prototype for an Augmented Reality system for MTA subway announcements that runs entirely in the browser. Uses Three.js and JSARToolkit.

Web Development

  1. Vice Uniform - A multi-brand publishing experience for articles and videos across the Vice properties. Built using TypeScript, React and Express
  2. Umami - A multi-brand web application for ordering food for take out and delivery. Built using TypeScript, Preact and Angular

Tech Talks

  1. Making Self-Generating Hip Hop in JS - A talk about how to make self-generating hip hop beats using markov chaining using WebAudio API and JavaScript
  2. TypeScript as a Build Tool - A talk I gave about using TypeScript as your primary build tool for an entire project after the changes from TypeScript 3.0 came out.


  1. ioxi - An algorithmically generated music project.
  2. Little Insects - My lofi, bedroom indie pop projects from 2008 to 2013.

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Written by Omar Delarosa who lives in Brooklyn and builds things using computers.

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