Synth Jam 2 | Spooky Action at a Distance

Sunday, May 31st 2020, 2:28:32 pm

Now that I’m finally done with grad school (post about that coming soon.) I’ve had more time to work on music. Here is a new video of a synth jam called spooky action a distance.

I made this using a few new pieces of gear, notably the Elektron Digitakt. This handled the “livelooping” aspects, which are basically just using the live-recording mode on the MIDI sequencer of the Digitakt. I then switch MIDI channels to control the different Roland Boutique synth modules.

This is also my first take at a truly DAW-less setup. I recorded this using the USB line out from the mixer into a QuickTime audio file. There is no editing besides combining the video footage from my cell phone with the audio file from quicktime.

Here’s the full list of gear I used, in case you wanna try this yourself.

arturia keystep

roland ju06a

roland jp08

roland d05

elektron digitakt

tc electronics hall of fame

behringer xenyx q802usb

demedash t120 deluxe

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