Assignment | A Love Letter To Spotify | Week 2

Wednesday, February 13th 2019, 12:30:10 am

A Love Letter To Spotify

Dear Spotify,

While other music streaming services come and go, you are different. Yes, you might be in some legal trouble with questionable royalty distribution practices and maybe your Android app is pretty buggy, but that doesn’t quiet my heart. Not just my heart, but your black and green color scheme and smooth, smooth audio quality (when using Premium) also titelate my eyes and ears respectively. Those who obsess over micromanaging their playlists and music collections may find your constant recommendations and machine-curated discovery tools condescending or insulting to their humanity or whatever, but I don’t. As someone who used to obsess over micromanging my music consumption, you have totally revolutionized how I consume music. It started with your Discover Weekly feature and then went beyond to curated playlist (my most recent favorite being those lofi chill hip hop playlists by Chilledcow). Now, I simply cannot live without you. So yeah, Spotify: I love you. Thanks for keeping my ears happy.


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Written by Omar Delarosa who lives in Brooklyn and builds things using computers.

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